Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation Ultra - Moisturising Hand and Body Cream - a Gift

A gift is something everyone treasures..Iam no exception
Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation Ultra - Moisturising Hand and Body Cream was gifted to me by Aarthi when we met for the first time...
Aarthi is such a lovely ,super supportive friend and we have so much in common
I am so thankful to Rati for IMBB which actually connected us...
We have planned to meet atleast once a month and go shopping together...haiyaaa :D
We speak in phone most of the days...:D

Aarthi gave me this Super huge tube of Victoria's secret sweet temptation Hand and body cream...

This is one ultra - moisturising hand and body cream with sweet fruity scent
The scent lingers throughout the day
It has notes of Apricot,Grapefruit and Lily of the Valley
She gave me a super Huge tube which will last forever even if i use it every single day :D
Best for winters

Aarthi love you loads...Not just for words..:)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Candle Holder Cup

I was clearing up few things and found this bubble wrapped neatly inside a box....

I bought this a year back ...donno from where :p



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber and Lemon grass After Sun Skin Lightening Face Wash - Review

Sorry Ladies...Moi Internet connection is giving me lotta trouble these days...
Ok coming back to the point

I purchased this Lakme sun expert face wash as soon as it was launched
I think took lot of time to review this :p
Ok lets see whether it scores or not

50gms for Rs.74

Likes :
I like this Bright summery yellow packaging
This face wash lathers pretty well
No slippery feeling after washing
Gives cooling effect
dint cause any break outs
Has minute granules which are of no use- donno whether this is Plus or Minus :p

Me dint become "FAIR"
This smells like this detergent kinds...

3.5/5 You know why i reduced 1.5
Will i purchase this again ? No...I am very happy with my Lakme perfect radiance face wash
Will i recommend ?Yes...you can give it a shot for its cooling effect and cleansing part

Have you tried this ?
Which is your HG face Wash ?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dia Mirza - The Porcelain Beauty and her Beauty Secrets

I always loved Dia Mirza even though she doesn't have that many films to her credit...As far as i have seen her she is always in impeccable flawless makeup and Apt dress for the occasion

So the post :)

Something About her

Dia Mirza was born in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Her father, Frank Handrich, was a German graphic and industrial fair designer, architect, artist and interior designer from Munich and her mother, Deepa is a Bengali Indian who is an interior designer, landscaper and currently does social work as a volunteer to help alcoholics and addicts. They separated when she was six years old. Her father died when she was nine and her mother remarried Ahmed Mirza, who died in 2004. She adopted her stepfather's surname Mirza and has recently adopted the last name of her birth-father and became Dia Mirza Handrich. Though she has been brought up in a Muslim household, she does not consider herself a Muslim; she is a Hindu and believes in Ganesha.

- Source Wiki

Also Dia Mirza to endorse The Body Shop brand

Her pictures speak of her beauty

Her Beauty Secrets in Vogue

I have combination skin, which can be both oily and dry, so I religiously moisturise twice a day with a waterbased hypo-allergenic moisturizer I’ve discovered from a French brand Uriage.

I start my mornings with warm water and fresh lime to detox. When I eat simple food without too much spice and oil, my skin stays healthy. I eat lots of fresh and wholesome fruit and veggies. Anything sin excess is a no-no.

I like to keep it simple. I use a light coverage of M.A.C Studio Fix foundation. I enhance my eyes with Bobbi Brown eyeliner, curl the lashes and then brush on mascara. I add a little shimmer from Make Up For Ever to highlight the cheekbones and finish with gloss from Bobbi Brown.

I don’t even step outside without sunscreen. Right now I’m using Vichy Capital Soleil with SPF 50, so my face stays protected for up to eight hours.

A tinted strawberry flavoured lip balm, a mascara and a techna kohl pencil, all by M.A.C

My signature fragrance is DKNY Be Delicious

I insist on using professional makeup and carry my own kit everywhere. Unlike other actresses, I can’t use thick Kryolan panstick; instead I use a liquid base and translucent powder from M.A.C Pro. I first learnt how to use make-up professionally


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Name to my Blog

Hello gurliesssss...
I thought its high time I change my Blog's name because initially started up this blog to show others how i harass a recipe which is cooked to perfection by others...
But now i am harassing makeup too...Since i have started posting in both categories..Its best to have a blog name that relates both..
So I came up with this
"My Cyber Kitchen and Makeup Madness"

So do you guys like it ?
Any suggestions on improvising my blog ?
Please pour in your thoughts :)



Monday, May 23, 2011

Oriflame Essentials Fairness Lotion Review

I got this Oriflame Essentials fairness lotion when this product was in discount and I wanted a moisturiser for my Oily Combination skin

Since this had Mulberry Extract & Vitamin E and it was for oily skin
I wanted to give this a try

50ml for Rs.89

So here is my verdict:


Its a lotion so it absorbs into the skin pretty fast
Non-greasy so thumbs up for oily skinned people
No break outs
I use this during my evening CTM
very very small quantity is enough for the whole face and neck
Priced reasonably
Travel friendly packaging
Oriflame products are not tested on animals


It has parabens
Did not make me fair

I would give a 3.5 /5

Will i recommend this ? Yes , its a decent moisturiser for oily skinned people
Will i purchase this ? Got one already

So which is your favourite moisturiser ?
Have you tried this product ?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Blog is finally fixed

Hello ...sorry guys....couldn't post anything all these days coz my blog went on some maintenance activity by Google - Blogger
But then my blog was in read only mode :(

This problem happens as soon as you try to click on the sign in link

So if this happens to your blog too....pls don't panic...be calm and cool for couple of days...and it will be back with a bang

Hope this helps :)


Monday, May 9, 2011

Ponds Age Miracle Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturiser - Review

This is for you Indgal :)

I got ponds age miracle TM in the month of April
I regret for not buying it earlier..its such an amazing product...
I don't wanna write any stories here...so will directly come to the point...
I think this is the best tinted moisturiser till date for me

So why you should buy this
This makes skin soft and supple
Very very light on face
Blends very well
Conceals the marks on the face
gives a dewy glowy face
Has reduced fine lines
It covered up my huge pores
Moisturise well
very cute and small packaging
travel friendly
Has CLA Complex + SPF 15 PA++
truly just a pea sized amount is enough for face

What i don't like
Has only 3 shades Honey ,Rose, Ivory
Makes the T-Zone a bit oily
Rs. 212 for 30ml...expensive

Overall- its an awesome product....Its my HG
Rating 4.5/5
0.5 reduced for being expensive

Will i repurchase? yes yes yes
Will i recommend ? of course to everyone

Have you tried this product ?
Which is your HG Tinted Moisturiser ?


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Basic Makeup Necessities for Work/Everyday

This is a lengthy post ...
I wanted to write this post for quite sometime but then i was hesitant because i would never call myself a Makeup Geek ...

But now i know at least what are the basic things..
so here it goes

Moisturiser - indeed a good moisturiser
I would always recommend a tinted moisturiser
Suggestion :My HG tinted moisturiser is Ponds age miracle
Price Rs.212

Compact - pressed powder
Suggestion: I use either Colorbar Time plus compact or Maybelline UV whitestay
Price : both are price Rs.150

Kajal - it defines your eyes

Suggestion: Lakme Black Satin kajal or Lotus Herbal Kajal

Price : both are Rs.150 i guess

Eye liner
You can either choose Liquid liner or a gel liner
Suggestion : Iam using Lakme insta eyeliner price Rs: less than 50
and Maybelline Gel liner for Rs.325

Mascara -
I would say this is optional but then if you wear it the rightway..it will open up your eyes

Suggestion : Maybelline colossal volume mascaraPrice Rs.275 i guess not sure :p

Blush - This is optional
You can use blush to office...yes u heard it right
Take the right amount to get the subtle glow

Suggestion : Colorbar Blushes Rs.250Just earth and peachy rose

Lipstick or a Tinted lipbalm

Suggestion: Nivea Tinted lipbalms Rs.125 or Maybelline Lippies in Neutral shades like my mahagony

Hope this helps...
Please let me know what you use for your everyday makeup


Monday, May 2, 2011

Lotus WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening and Brigtening Micro Emulsion Review

I got this during my April haul click here for my April haul...
Sorry for taking this long for reviewing this...

I usually take about 4 weeks or so to review any skin care product...to know the actual results

So i got this
For Rs.225 for 40 ml

Ok now coming to whether i love this product...
yes i am so in love ...
its really smooth and gets absorbed in the skin easily as well as instantly
It works great for my oily combo as well as other skin types too
it has minimised my large pores to some extent
Skin is like really bright and no white cast
made my skin soft supple and supper smooth
It has SPF25 PA+++
I use it beneath my stick foundation else i mix some with my foundation and use as tinted moisturiser

Also this time they have listed down the complete ingredients list...:))

Ok Coming to cons...
It has parabens
Next this bottle is made of glass....ok i broke it....RIP :( (the bottle in the pic)

Will i repurchase ? yes already did that...as soon as the 1st one broke...
Will i recommend? Yesss

so am giving a 4.5/5 for this ...
o.5 reduced coz of parabens and the glass bottle (RIP)

Have you tried this product ???
Do you like it ?

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