Friday, August 31, 2012

How do you like your Bathroom !!! Some Decors I loved

Bathroom is the first place where we spend sometime in peace every day ....A beautiful bathroom definitely reflects about our cleanliness.
I have always dreamt of having clean, dry, super high end yet functional bathroom  with

a huge bathroom with a bath tub, shower cubicle along with perfect storage for all my toiletries :D
All the towels perfectly rolled and stacked
Some lovely flowers
Small cut indoor plants...

I know its not a mere dream this corporate jungle ...with space crunch...Its still a dream for me..but sometime in future I might do all these..Till then I shall drool at the pictures :)

Join me in drooling...

Wow don't you all love this sleek and lovey bathroom with white fittings...Iam loving that Glass stand and it has wheels...Though it has been placed too close to the Loo...We can move as we please

I Don't know what to say about this bathroom...Its just "Divine"

This is a perfect small bathroom with shower cubicle and a bathtub and perfect storage
But i think may be the colors can be bit vibrant

This is a perfect bathroom with lovely storage... am sooo loving the color :)

This is from Martha Stewart ...Do i need to say more ?

Which one you like the most ?
Also if you have any tips for storage ideas in share in the comment section as well as mail me...

If you have such bathrooms...pls share the pics with me:)

I would love to post it here


Discalimer: Images Taken from various sites thro' google

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Faces Bright Brillance Brillos Eye Kit : Review

Sorry for not posting anything for a real long time... my work and lil one are keeping me busy :)
I love Eyemakeup  Period ... Do I need to say more ??

I seriously don't even remember where i purchased this kit ...Thanks to my memory....Never mind that.. Thank god i bought it

Because it has some really good products worth every penny i would say...
Ok coming to the Kit now

Price : Rs. 999
 I got it at 15% discount

The following products are there in the kit :

1) Eyeshadow Palette
2) Mascara
3) Eye pencil
4) Duo Brow wax
5) Metallic Glow Eye Primer

Product wise Opinion:

Worst Product first : I hate that Eye Pencil... Seriously its not even worth mentioning ...I am using it as a normal pencil

Mascara is good...but the lengthening hmmm...Not at all... But it gives the perfect separate lashes-Non -clumpy-(  is that a word)?

Duo Brow wax.... I am soo loving it... its perfect... it has the perfect brown powder(Pressed) and wax... But the real con is no applicator...

Eyeshadow Palette ... Vibrant colors..but fallout is kinda ok but the colours show up with a primer
It has Purple, Green, Golden yellow, Blue and Maroon(brownish)... travel friendly and absolutely useless sponge applicators :P

Here comes the Best Part ...The Metallic Eye Primer :
This is the bestest primer I have used so far... Perfect even the worst eyeshadows gives that lovely glow...Iam LOVING IT :)

Overall Opinion :

Good product for the price we pay

Also travel friendly

Except for the so called EYE pencil.

Will do the swatches in another post :)

Do you have any makeup kits similar to this ? share it :)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Giveaway Entry 1 Olay Natural White Light Healthy Fairness Cream Review: By Chandana

Here Goes the first Entry by Chandana

 Claims about Olay Natural White Light Healthy Fairness Cream:

- Its formula with triple nutrient system – vitamins B3, pro-B5 & E nourishes your skin to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness for a healthy-looking natural fairness that glows.

- It has light & non-greasy texture that absorbs easily to help nourish your skin with nutrients

- It also contains sunscreen ingredients that helps protect from harmful UV rays.

My experience with Olay Natural White Light Healthy Fairness Cream:

Olay Natural White Light Healthy Fairness Cream comes in a simple white tube package. When the tube is pressed the product comes out in the right quantity. The texture is not runny. Hence, the amount of the cream that comes out depends on the pressure you apply while pressing the tube.

True to its claims, it is non-greasy and very light in its texture. It is not oily on the skin. It seeps into the skin very easily. My skin feels well nourished and moisturized on using this cream. The package claims that the cream provides UV protection too.

This off white colored cream is very well suited for daily use and also as a make up base. This has been my product for a couple of years now and will continue to be in my skin routine.

Pros of Olay Natural White Light Healthy Fairness Cream:

- Non greasy cream.

- Very light textured cream

- Does not leave the skin oily.

- Easy handling tube packaging.

- Nourishes and moisturizes the skin very well.

- A good daily use cream.

- A good make up base

- Provides protection against UV rays.

Cons of Olay Natural White Light Healthy Fairness Cream:

- As the package claims, it is not a fairness cream.

- Does not help the dark spots on the skin.

Price: Rs.99 for 20 g

Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase Olay Natural White Light Healthy Fairness Cream? Yes.

Thanks Chandana for the Crisp Review :)

Wanna Participate in the giveaway and win Goodies - Chk this link :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Janmashtami/Krishna Jyanthi and a Giveaway Announcement

               Wishing You all a lovely Janmashtami / Krishna Jyanthi :) This year I am celebrating with my little angel :)

                                         100% HOMEMADE by your's truly

Store bought just for the box
I want to take this opportunity to let you all that I am gonna do a comeback giveaway ...
Ofcourse Makeup goodies to be won...also some Baking pans / Cookwares
So that I am not disappointing both Makeup Addicts and cooking Enthusiast :)
I will be starting this giveaway from Monday onwards :) Will be posting clear rules this gear up girls :))