Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber and Lemon grass After Sun Skin Lightening Face Wash - Review

Sorry Ladies...Moi Internet connection is giving me lotta trouble these days...
Ok coming back to the point

I purchased this Lakme sun expert face wash as soon as it was launched
I think took lot of time to review this :p
Ok lets see whether it scores or not

50gms for Rs.74

Likes :
I like this Bright summery yellow packaging
This face wash lathers pretty well
No slippery feeling after washing
Gives cooling effect
dint cause any break outs
Has minute granules which are of no use- donno whether this is Plus or Minus :p

Me dint become "FAIR"
This smells like this detergent kinds...

3.5/5 You know why i reduced 1.5
Will i purchase this again ? No...I am very happy with my Lakme perfect radiance face wash
Will i recommend ? can give it a shot for its cooling effect and cleansing part

Have you tried this ?
Which is your HG face Wash ?



  1. hey varshini, nice review. Even my HG is Lakme Perfect Radiance fairness face wash.

  2. i felt almost the same when used it :) nice review buddy :)

  3. Wow too love perfect radiance so HG

  4. Hi Varshini, have you tried Lakme Melon Melt Face Wash? It also gives a slight cooling effect, so I wanted to know if it was similar? But if this didn't affect your tan even a little, then maybe it's not worth it.

  5. poohkie...i haven't tried that... this has menthol kinda cooling...refreshing..but then dint help the tanning tanned some 4 shades darker :(

  6. The melon one also has menthol-like tingly feeling. But I think I'll stick with this. It at least has a nice smell.

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  8. hey didn't yet review the perfect radiance face wash...would love to look at the product in case I feel like buying...want to try it especially after I read its ur HG :)

  9. Sure swati...will put the review very soon...sure u can try that...

  10. Nice review Varshini.. I love the Kama cleanser.. Try it once :)

  11. oh sure arts :) wer to buy kama cleanser ?


Thank you so much for your lovely note...