Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation Ultra - Moisturising Hand and Body Cream - a Gift

A gift is something everyone treasures..Iam no exception
Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation Ultra - Moisturising Hand and Body Cream was gifted to me by Aarthi when we met for the first time...
Aarthi is such a lovely ,super supportive friend and we have so much in common
I am so thankful to Rati for IMBB which actually connected us...
We have planned to meet atleast once a month and go shopping together...haiyaaa :D
We speak in phone most of the days...:D

Aarthi gave me this Super huge tube of Victoria's secret sweet temptation Hand and body cream...

This is one ultra - moisturising hand and body cream with sweet fruity scent
The scent lingers throughout the day
It has notes of Apricot,Grapefruit and Lily of the Valley
She gave me a super Huge tube which will last forever even if i use it every single day :D
Best for winters

Aarthi love you loads...Not just for words..:)


  1. Looks very gud n cute ....you lucky :) ....I need to hav such frds too ...you got the hint :p

  2. hehehe...prits thanku ..:)
    Blogging world has given me gr8 frnds....me happdance happydance...yeah..very well got it :P
    sure wil bring u truck loads..when i come to SG

  3. Thank you s much for all the love dear. I am really glad that you like this :)

  4. Arts...thanku so much...me lovi it cho very much :D

  5. that very sweet aarthi..enjoy varshini :))

  6. So sweet! I'm glad you guys are friends & hope you remain forever :))

  7. so sweet of Aarthi :d it luks yummy :P


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