Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Blog is finally fixed

Hello ...sorry guys....couldn't post anything all these days coz my blog went on some maintenance activity by Google - Blogger
But then my blog was in read only mode :(

This problem happens as soon as you try to click on the sign in link

So if this happens to your blog too....pls don't calm and cool for couple of days...and it will be back with a bang

Hope this helps :)



  1. Varshini, I thought you were busy or something for not posting, glad now your blog is fixed :))

  2. for once i was glad i m not on blogger :D:D

  3. Ya all blogspot members faced this prob :( I had a lengthy post in my drafts and it vanished.. I was so upset.. When I logged in after a day it was there !!!!!! Thank God.

  4. me too had that same prob few days ago varshini ... luved your blog... you have a new follower !!!

    check out mine too - - :)

  5. am not alone...thank god u got ur drafts back :)

  6. rids...ohh u were sailing in the same boat...
    glad that u like my blog:)
    thank u so much for following :))
    sure will visit urs

  7. Yup everyone on blogger faced this problem. Unfortunately comments that were made around that time have completely disappeared. And posts that were posted have gone too although drafts are still there. Weird!

  8. yeah poohkie so weird...till today am not able to upload any photos am unable to post any thng :(


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