Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Basic Makeup Necessities for Work/Everyday

This is a lengthy post ...
I wanted to write this post for quite sometime but then i was hesitant because i would never call myself a Makeup Geek ...

But now i know at least what are the basic things..
so here it goes

Moisturiser - indeed a good moisturiser
I would always recommend a tinted moisturiser
Suggestion :My HG tinted moisturiser is Ponds age miracle
Price Rs.212

Compact - pressed powder
Suggestion: I use either Colorbar Time plus compact or Maybelline UV whitestay
Price : both are price Rs.150

Kajal - it defines your eyes

Suggestion: Lakme Black Satin kajal or Lotus Herbal Kajal

Price : both are Rs.150 i guess

Eye liner
You can either choose Liquid liner or a gel liner
Suggestion : Iam using Lakme insta eyeliner price Rs: less than 50
and Maybelline Gel liner for Rs.325

Mascara -
I would say this is optional but then if you wear it the rightway..it will open up your eyes

Suggestion : Maybelline colossal volume mascaraPrice Rs.275 i guess not sure :p

Blush - This is optional
You can use blush to office...yes u heard it right
Take the right amount to get the subtle glow

Suggestion : Colorbar Blushes Rs.250Just earth and peachy rose

Lipstick or a Tinted lipbalm

Suggestion: Nivea Tinted lipbalms Rs.125 or Maybelline Lippies in Neutral shades like my mahagony

Hope this helps...
Please let me know what you use for your everyday makeup



  1. useful info varshini.... just what i need. even i am not that much into makeup.. i follow all what you have written except for blush :P

  2. hi varshini, would you be able to do a review on ponds tinted moisturizer?? planning to get one..

  3. Except the blush i wear the others to college if i get tym :D :D nice post :)

  4. indgal..thank u so much..:)
    Its okay to skip blush...
    But then try it once...with lil blush..you can get the dewy glowy cheeks :)

  5. indgal...sure will do that...i have ponds TM review in my drafts..will post it 2mrw or day after for sure..:)

  6. Hey you have covered almost everything Varshi :)

  7. hey nice post very helpful

  8. hi varshini.whta u have posted is exactly my everyday products. i use ponds TM but nowadays am using lotus 3 in 1 matte sunscreen. I love it because with this i dont need any compact powder to set . it s absolutely matte. but I hate maybelline whitestay. that gives whitish cast . i ve tried nude ivory everything . but hated it. threw two sets of compacts.
    currently using lotus compact. elegant and chic it is.
    i dont use blushes mascara again maybelline collosal, kajal klotus kajal lower line revlon kajal too eye liner I use maybelline gel liner. simply love it.

  9. @Anonymous : Thank u for droping by:)
    Sure wanna give lotus 3 in 1 a try...it has good reviews too..will try lotus compact too once my colorbar/maybelline gets over :)

  10. yeyeyey i have all these things and i love them :)

  11. Hey Varshini!
    That was a good post.. I want to try the Lakme Kajal! Looks attractive.. :P Love lip balms as well!
    And btw, am a Chennaite too! :D

  12. Hi poorna...thanks so much for dropping by :)
    So happy to see a chennaite :))
    Yeah lakme kajal is good...:)

  13. Hi first time on your blog :) I do too follow the 3-step formula for facial care - not big on make up except for eyes and now under-eye after third child and years of sleepless or very restive nights :(
    Look forward to visiting again - so stop by my blog dear:)


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