Monday, May 2, 2011

Lotus WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening and Brigtening Micro Emulsion Review

I got this during my April haul click here for my April haul...
Sorry for taking this long for reviewing this...

I usually take about 4 weeks or so to review any skin care know the actual results

So i got this
For Rs.225 for 40 ml

Ok now coming to whether i love this product...
yes i am so in love ...
its really smooth and gets absorbed in the skin easily as well as instantly
It works great for my oily combo as well as other skin types too
it has minimised my large pores to some extent
Skin is like really bright and no white cast
made my skin soft supple and supper smooth
It has SPF25 PA+++
I use it beneath my stick foundation else i mix some with my foundation and use as tinted moisturiser

Also this time they have listed down the complete ingredients list...:))

Ok Coming to cons...
It has parabens
Next this bottle is made of glass....ok i broke it....RIP :( (the bottle in the pic)

Will i repurchase ? yes already did soon as the 1st one broke...
Will i recommend? Yesss

so am giving a 4.5/5 for this ...
o.5 reduced coz of parabens and the glass bottle (RIP)

Have you tried this product ???
Do you like it ?

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  1. I miss lotus herbals stuff now that I can't get it here! Nice review :)

  2. Hi Ki...thank u...
    Oh u missd this lovely thingy...
    dont worry me will get u truck loads of lotus stuffs when i come 2 france :)

  3. Oh this and the TM are on my must have list!!! :| I want this first!:P

  4. i want to try at least one product from this range. nice review. u broke the bottle? hehehe! :P

  5. yeah try for sure...
    bubu :smug: :sumg:

  6. me too like this...
    the bottle broke... on the first day i bought it :))
    stored it in an old lakme souffle tub...

  7. This was a complete dud and waste of money for me... sigh..

    1. ohh sorry...realy bad na..:(
      But then skincare products work different for each person


Thank you so much for your lovely note...