Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Avon Simply Pretty ColorBliss Lipstick - Amethyst Review and LOTD

Hope you Lovelies are still visiting this blog :) keeping fingers crossed :P

Guess you girlies remember the Avon Cherry Red Lipstick which i reviewd sometime back and abosoultely loved ...
But this lipstick is from the same range .... a let down but still love the color...

Click here to read and look for Cherry Red & EOTD

Price : Rs.179 for 4ml

This is a lovely Pink Lippy with Light Purple undertone.
This is a shimmery lipstick and leaves a mild tint when it fades away.

Pros :

Affordable range
Almost fragrance free
Stays upto  2 hours ...leaving behind mild tint
Lovely color range..
Suitable for medium to fair skintones
Soft lipstick

Cons :
 At the max stays for 2 hours
completely vanished from lips after snacks :D
Just shimmers were sticking to lips
Available through Consultants only
Makes lip dry


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Spa Mask Review

Pregnancy gave me great hair but when lil' doll entered her 5th month... My hair fall phase started....Practically i can say i see about 200 to 300 strands of hair every time i touch my hair...I mean it.. not even a slight exaggeration... Hair is everywhere literally... say in the chair / sofa i sit, car seat, pillow, towel,...Everywhere...

This is the worst phase... Guess all this because i skipped the Vitamin and Iron Supplements that was prescribe for me ...But I dutifully skipped ..Thinking that I am in Pink of my health :D

Ok You might think are these rants related to this review ?
Somewhat  yes..because bad health causes, hair fall, dry hair, dull hair split ends and what not

Also in spite of  all the hair problems i had .. I still Ironed my hair at home :D
 Yes I am soooooooo Very Clever :P
So this Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Products came in right time :)

These products come in Honey coloured packing as well as the product inside :)

Priced at
Shampoo 200 ml @ Rs.200
Conditioner 200 ml @  Rs. 200
Hair Spa Mask 200ml @ Rs 400

Yes It did :)  I am Happy Indeed :)

Ok Let me go  to the Pro and Cons



The Shampoo Is wonderful ... It smells amazing ... Trust me the lovely fragrance stays for about 2 days :)

My hair was silky, shiny and much more manageable :)

Gave me this squeaky clean effect.. no traces of Oil left :)

Priced reasonable

I love this Press cap actually... i find it good

Attractive packaging :)


Again this smells amazing

silky soft hair

perfect for my kinda hair.

Hair Spa Mask

Smells good... But i found the with the conditioner the fragrance lasted for 2 days but with this for few hours only

the mask is like a creamy gel like consistency

Easy to apply

Made my hair feels really super soft and silky


I have no problem with the shampoo...I am going to buy this again once this gets over

Conditioner is good but not great when compared to the Hair Spa  Mask

I don't seem to like the Tub packaging of the Hair Mask.... Its very inconvenient

Other than this seriously i dint find any Problem at all..

I would Give
4.5/ 5 for shampoo
 3.5/ 5 for conditioner and
4/5 for hair spa mask

Do try this Range and you will love it for sure


Disclaimer : Product Sent by PR

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gifts from Sweden :) An Haul

Nothing better than a Haul Post for a comeback :)

Few months back my hubby went to Sweden (Official Trip) ..

I asked him to get me some makeup of his choice... I  just suggested him some brands available....

Also a sweet surprise gift for my Birthday :) Scroll To the end :)

So here is what he got me....



I was shocked ( Happy Dance) to see such pretty things...Perfect Choice :)

But the price  ..Might get Heart attck.. For Drug store brands


A lovely Travel Pouch with travel size bottles...Puuurrrfeeeccctttt:) For  CTM


Here is the Birthday Gift

Bagsac Bag.... Its from the Spring 2012 Collection :)


 Which one do you want me to review first ?

 Hope you enjoyed the post :)