Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maybelline Haul & a lovely free Gift

First of all I am sooooo thankful to Rati for IMBB ...without which i would have never got to know so many thingssss in makeup....But then i have always been a makeup addict but was never into proper many days i have slept with my makeup on because am such a lazy bum....only after rati specifying it in so many of her posts i understood the true importance...

So coming back to my story...
When i went for shopping the other day...please click to know about my latest haul here...I got a couple of maybelline things....believe me gurls...maybelline is such a lovely lovely brand with affordable prices and good quality products but then they do animal testing which is bad but then that couldn't stop me from getting things....So i got another reason to shop...
So i actually came to know about Maybellline lasting drama gel eyeliner through IMBB
Thank you guys...Am loving it....I know iam little emotional kind..;)

I know iam dysfunctional ..i can never stick to one thing at a writting shows that i never stick to what was the actual intention of this post
As i promised in my haul post here is the Super lovely free gift(which i literally asked for...looking at the SA sheepishly) i got for spending my valuable money at maybelline counter...
I got the following
lasting drama gel eye liner
Dream mousse blush in peach satin
(I already have peach satin got confused with softplum and i got one more peach satin...see how dysfuntional iam...was consentrating on freebie more..)
Whitestay compact

So here is the freeeebieeee

Its such a huge lovely metal box.. white in color with lovey grey and pink leafy desings and a cutie cutie pink lid ...

So whats inside it ????

Absolutely beautiful huge mug...

Can you see how huge it is ???...i guess it can hold a gallonnnn of coffeeee....which iam totally addicted to......

The box is so lovely and it can hold somany things....

Girlssss next timeeee when you shop @ maybelline...dont forget to ask for your free goodiessss...;)

Happy shoppinggggggg

Love ya alll
Happy Tamil New year & Happy Vishu



  1. wow the mug looks so nice .....glad you got it

  2. wont belive..i was literally asking the SA like...can you gimme a free gift...coz i got the pedicure/manicure set free when i purchased sometime backkk the mug and even more the box :))
    glad you liked it pritss... me love youuu

  3. oh my! the box is sooooooo pretty. it can be a nice jewellery box or makeup box. congrats! :))

  4. thank u bulbul...yeahhh i am so in love with it...

  5. Varshini, I'm not even looking at the haul, the only things my eyes were on was the box, it's so nice & huge :)Lucky u

  6. thankuuu uzmaaaaa...:))
    I can totaly understand...hey dnt 4get to ask for your gift during next purchase ;)

  7. Me want the box.. but will I ask for a free gift.. mmm... Good that you did :) You got the same blush again???? He he ;)

  8. hehehe one over enthu creature...was eyeing only the i got the same blush again :)

  9. OMG!! Where did you get this box? It's gorgeous. I'm totally willing to buy maybelline stuff just to get that box.

  10. yeah poohkie me 2...I got this in Health and glow shop

    If you buy above Rs.600..they give us some kinda gift ..
    I will show off all my maybelline free gifts soon :)

  11. Really? Which H & G? Coz the one near my house is not having this offer :(
    But will try anyway :P

  12. I went & checked today. The H&G near my house has only 1 offer - buy products worth 1200 & get a beach bag! A beach bag!! Seriously, which H&G did you find this offer in? Tell me the area please. I'm totally drooling over this gorgeous mug.

  13. hey got this in adyar H& can also try in Tnagar H&G...ter too ppl gave me lot a gifts :)

  14. Thanks for the info. I live in T.Nagar & I've only tried 2 branches, will try the other one soon.

  15. poohkie...u try in theH &G near john players in pondy bazar

  16. the box looks so cute.. mayb you can store your nail polish in it!

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  17. hi zatz...yeah i am actually storing some of my lippies

  18. Superb gift !! You have a lovely blog Varshini..


Thank you so much for your lovely note...