Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chettinadu Chicken Recipe

Hello girliessss....My hubby wanted me to try chettinadu chicken which he actually loved(literally went crazy) when he tasted it in my native place...

So tried it and Almost got the taste...Actually got the recipe printout from a friend of mine which she planned for ages to i literally snatched it from her.See what love can do ...

She has no clue from which site she took it anyone thinks its your recipe...pls let me know...i will be glad to link you ...

So here is the recipe...
It serves 4-5 people
For all the chettinadu recipes as such ingredients needs to be fresh so that the final outcome will be awesome...

Ingredients for saute
Chicken-750 gms
Big onion 2
Garlic 10 pods

For grinding - Part 1
Ginger 1inch piece
Small onion-10
Green chillies-2
Chilli powder-1 tbsp
Coriander powder-2 tbsp

For grinding - Part 2
Coconut grated-3 table spoons
Khus Khus - 2 teaspoons
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon

For Seasoning
Cinnamon- 1-2 inch piece
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
Bay leaf-little
Mint leaf-handful
Curry leaf little

Step by Step:

Chop Onions, garlic and tomatoes.
Heat Oil in a Kadai and Season with curry leaves, and all the things in the For seasoning
Now add chopped onions and saute.
Once onions are cooked add garlic.
Add the chopped tomatoes. till they are juicy.
Add the grounded paste -1 and cook ir for sometime.
Now add the chicken pieces and fold in the masala.
Cook for 10 to 15 minutes.
Once you find that the chicken pieces are almost cooked increase the flame so that the gravy becomes thick.
Once the curry gets thick add the masala grounded items - 2 and mix nicely
Now add water if you want your gravy to be little thin...else you will get a semi dry gravy
Cook the curry till the oil separates

Have a lovely time eating chicken ...yum yum yum

Love varshini


  1. YUMM! I'm drooling. This actually sounds quite simple; I'm very tempted to try.

  2. poohkie....try ...its very simple and yummy too

  3. This one is soooooo tempting Varshini.. I was about to try a chkn dish ths Sunday but got busy with visitors :(


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