Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lip Spa Therapy at Home - Do It Yourself - DIY

The Anatomy of Lips

The skin of the lip, with three to five cellular layers, is very thin compared to typical face skin, which has up to 16 layers. With light skin color, the lip skin contains fewer melanocytes (cells which produce melanin pigment , which give skin its color). Because of this, the blood vessels appear through the skin of the lips, which leads to their notable red coloring. With darker skin color this effect is less prominent, as in this case the skin of the lips contains more melanin and thus is visually darker. The skin of the lip forms the border between the exterior skin of the face, and the interior mucous membrane of the inside of the mouth.

The lip skin is not hairy, and does not have sweat glands or sebaceous glands. Therefore it does not have the usual protection layer of sweat and body oils which keep the skin smooth, inhibit pathogens, and regulate warmth.

For these reasons, the lips dry out faster and become chapped more easily. - Source Wikipedia

So Just like we take care of our skin we need to take extra care of lips too...
I used to Suffer from dry, chapped lips all the time until I did my Lip Spa Therapy
Here is what i do to make my Lips soft ,supple and nourished...

This home Lip Spa therapy of mine is a three step procedure and After you try this therapy you will love me for sharing this with you <3

Ok Here it goes...

Lip Spa Therapy

Step 1 - The Yummy Exfoliation
Ok this is the first and foremost important step...

You will need
1/2 tsp of Honey
1/3 tsp of sugar

Mix the honey and sugar ,apply all over your lips and rub it in circular motion for about 2 minutes
This helps in removing the dead skin(pls dont lickkkkkk,i knows its pretty difficult)
Now wipe this off

Step 2 - The Lip Mask
Yes you read it right...just like our face mask lip does need a mask

You will need
1 tsp oats
1 tsp honey
1 tsp Almond oil/Olive oil

Mix all the three ingredients till smooth and apply all over your lips and let it dry
Now wash it once its dry.

Step 3 - Moisturise
Now this step is very very easy

You will need
Regular Chapstick /lip balm / Almond oil / cocoa butter
Apply almond oil/lip balm all over your lips and your Lip Spa Therapy is done
Just look at your luscious lips and give me a kiss of Goodluck...
You can do this atleast once a month...

Pls let me know how did you like this



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