Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lotus LICORICEWHITE Skin Whitening Cleanser Review

As usual I went for groceries shopping and bought all makeup skincare stuff…So I was gazing aimlessly at the Skincare and makeup Aisle…spotted this in the lotus rack….

As soon as I saw another girl pick up this Ayurvedic Cleansing Bar …I grabbed one for myself and during billing only found out that
It costs Rs.70 for 100gm…but then what to do still I bought this home

Here it is

What does it claim

Active Ingredients - Pls click the pictures to enlarge

My Take on this product use

I don’t use soap for face so tried this for regular bathing :P

I will list it out with pros and cons

I really loved the smell…its very sweet fruity, flowery lovely smell…it lingers in your bathroom
My hubby said you please take bath first so that the bathroom smells good…
So you get to take bath first
Lathers really very well…you will have that squeaky clean effect
Moisturises to a certain extent but doesn’t dry
It did remove my tan and thus lightens the skin color to some extent
100% Natural Ayurvedic bar

Cons :
• Price ..i find it little over priced but then it does remove tan ...
• The fragrance stays for a very short period on skin
• Soap dissolves easily..just 2 weeks or so
• Doesn’t whitens the skin but removes tan
• Extremely dry skinned people will need a moistureriser

So I will rate this 4/51 reduced for price, dissolves easily and for that skin whitening claim.

Will I repurchase : yes
, I love the fragrance and removes tan do try this out , sure you will love the smell.

Will i reccomend ? Yes yes yes....


  1. this is a nice soap. i have never heard of this. thanks for the review Varshini. i must buy this. i love luxury soaps. :)

  2. i had seen this the other day at Pulse, but dint really buy will do it the next time...
    hey are u in pune

  3. Bulbul...yeah...it smelll lovely :)
    Try...its worth it

  4. Rentu....try this...its worth it and it removes tan ..which i dint expect..Am not from pune...am from chennai :)

  5. removes tan!!!!!! guess thats more than enough for me... :P


  6. Great review- the cleanser sounds nice!
    US Masala

  7. I have seen it but I stay away from Lotus coz it doesn't really suit me :( good that it worked for you but yup its a little overpriced and liquorice is a great whitening agent....

  8. swati & arts ..try this..its nice :)

  9. Ll surely use after summers to remove tan :)


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