Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gillette for Women Shave Gel - Satin Care

When i was a kid i was fascinated whenever i saw my dad using these shave gels and how they foam so beautifully and tried it once shaving my eyebrows...yes i was unbelievable even as a kid....

So when i saw Gillette for women shave gel for the first time when i went to my near by super market ...i was like cool...women too have shave gel...i was so happy i got these :)

75ml for Rs.125

So here is it...I got it along with the Gillette for women satin care shaving razor

It was called Floral passion with Silk Extracts

Usual pump dispenser

Its a pink foam gel which actually smells floral and also has little Cologne smell
(Does anyone know palmistry here ???)

I just took a little and rubbed it over my had and removed the hair with the razor

I actually got a lovely clean shave

Its really like satin smooth...

So lets go to the Likes & Dislikes

Lovely foam
Smooth as satin & silk
Clean shave
Easy to use
Did not give me any bumpy break outs
Smells good
My skin was silky smooth
Travel friendly too

Useful for emergency times...when you need to rush up somewhere and cannot sit with hair removal creams/waxing

Did not control the hair growth
(Nothing was mentioned about that but then its just my expectation)
Hair started showing after a day

Will i repurchase ? yes ...
Will i recommend ? definitely

Have you tried this ?



  1. hehehe! shaving gel for women! :P bt shaving does not control hair growth. :(

  2. yeah bulbul....:)
    But then i wanted to try :))

  3. Me likes! Where did you get this?

  4. Poohkie...i got this in a near by super market...its available in all the super markets and medical shops :)

  5. i don use them because i have less hair growth...i think razor increases the hair growth some five times:(

  6. yeah very true ana...but then my laziness comes first ;)

  7. I was always scared to try this out but I guess it s worth a try !!!

  8. I always stay far away from shaving.. as it makes the hair coarse and also increases hair growth :(

  9. @ CP : do try this...but then use it only for emergency purposes :)

  10. very true arts,,,but me using when i need it for emergrncy times :)

  11. shaving............ nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!


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