Thursday, August 9, 2012

Janmashtami/Krishna Jyanthi and a Giveaway Announcement

               Wishing You all a lovely Janmashtami / Krishna Jyanthi :) This year I am celebrating with my little angel :)

                                         100% HOMEMADE by your's truly

Store bought just for the box
I want to take this opportunity to let you all that I am gonna do a comeback giveaway ...
Ofcourse Makeup goodies to be won...also some Baking pans / Cookwares
So that I am not disappointing both Makeup Addicts and cooking Enthusiast :)
I will be starting this giveaway from Monday onwards :) Will be posting clear rules this gear up girls :))



  1. Snacks look very tempting!... Happy one with your kid :)

  2. Did u make d lil one walk with 'pindi' ? I so wanted to do tht with Neya but you know what happened last night :(
    I love these tins from krishna sweets for krishna jayanthi n vinayak chathurthi :-) Even I collect them :D

  3. Hey good ur gonna cmback to blogging :) My tummy is grumbling on seeing the seedais.... And the store sweet box is so cute! Is it from krishna sweets??

  4. awesome Varsh :) happy Krishna Jayanthi :)


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