Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Faces Bright Brillance Brillos Eye Kit : Review

Sorry for not posting anything for a real long time... my work and lil one are keeping me busy :)
I love Eyemakeup  Period ... Do I need to say more ??

I seriously don't even remember where i purchased this kit ...Thanks to my memory....Never mind that.. Thank god i bought it

Because it has some really good products worth every penny i would say...
Ok coming to the Kit now

Price : Rs. 999
 I got it at 15% discount

The following products are there in the kit :

1) Eyeshadow Palette
2) Mascara
3) Eye pencil
4) Duo Brow wax
5) Metallic Glow Eye Primer

Product wise Opinion:

Worst Product first : I hate that Eye Pencil... Seriously its not even worth mentioning ...I am using it as a normal pencil

Mascara is good...but the lengthening hmmm...Not at all... But it gives the perfect separate lashes-Non -clumpy-(  is that a word)?

Duo Brow wax.... I am soo loving it... its perfect... it has the perfect brown powder(Pressed) and wax... But the real con is no applicator...

Eyeshadow Palette ... Vibrant colors..but fallout is kinda ok but the colours show up with a primer
It has Purple, Green, Golden yellow, Blue and Maroon(brownish)... travel friendly and absolutely useless sponge applicators :P

Here comes the Best Part ...The Metallic Eye Primer :
This is the bestest primer I have used so far... Perfect even the worst eyeshadows gives that lovely glow...Iam LOVING IT :)

Overall Opinion :

Good product for the price we pay

Also travel friendly

Except for the so called EYE pencil.

Will do the swatches in another post :)

Do you have any makeup kits similar to this ? share it :)



  1. Varshi how much was the kit? U use it as a normal pencil ;) He he ;)

    I so badly want a good brow powder :(

    1. Aarts... I got it with 15% discount :)
      I will find out..:d

  2. Oh I want that....soooooon.
    Babe u hv an award waiting fr u ...grab it soon here

    1. Oh thanks a lot Ruby :)
      Sure will pick it :)


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