Friday, August 31, 2012

How do you like your Bathroom !!! Some Decors I loved

Bathroom is the first place where we spend sometime in peace every day ....A beautiful bathroom definitely reflects about our cleanliness.
I have always dreamt of having clean, dry, super high end yet functional bathroom  with

a huge bathroom with a bath tub, shower cubicle along with perfect storage for all my toiletries :D
All the towels perfectly rolled and stacked
Some lovely flowers
Small cut indoor plants...

I know its not a mere dream this corporate jungle ...with space crunch...Its still a dream for me..but sometime in future I might do all these..Till then I shall drool at the pictures :)

Join me in drooling...

Wow don't you all love this sleek and lovey bathroom with white fittings...Iam loving that Glass stand and it has wheels...Though it has been placed too close to the Loo...We can move as we please

I Don't know what to say about this bathroom...Its just "Divine"

This is a perfect small bathroom with shower cubicle and a bathtub and perfect storage
But i think may be the colors can be bit vibrant

This is a perfect bathroom with lovely storage... am sooo loving the color :)

This is from Martha Stewart ...Do i need to say more ?

Which one you like the most ?
Also if you have any tips for storage ideas in share in the comment section as well as mail me...

If you have such bathrooms...pls share the pics with me:)

I would love to post it here


Discalimer: Images Taken from various sites thro' google


  1. haaa.. this reminds me of my onsite days varsh and my roomie shruti :) we were sucha freaks that we used to decorate our bathrooms like anything.. though we had a small space we used to decorate it like anything.. miss those lovely days :( I will send u those pics :)

    1. Aww thats so nice rekuz.. i saw the was awesome.... soooo pretty rekz... i wanna do some makeover to my bathrm soon :)


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