Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mastering Baking - All about Baking - Oven Temperatures - Part 1

It has always been a herculean task for a person like me to find an information in the Internet Ocean especially regarding baking ...It has millions of resources but not all at one place for me to refer ...
Be it Temperature setting, Fahrenheit to Celsius, Measuring Cup size, Teaspoon, Tablespoon what not....
Also where to find chocolate chips , baking pans, chocolate rice/strands, cheese in my city...Oh my god the list is endless

I thought I should dedicate a space just for this in my that this will be a reference for my future endeavours (That's a huge word) and for other amateur bakers like me :)

Each week I will try to take up a topic and collect information and put it that it will be useful for all of us :)

Let us start with

Oven Temperatures
Source for this info :

Fahrenheit(F) Celsius(C) Gas Mark Oven Terms

225 F 110 C 1/4 Very Cool
250 F 130 C 1/2 Very Slow
275 F 140 C 1 Very Slow
300 F 150 C 2 Slow
325 F 165 C 3 Slow
350 F 177 C 4 Moderate
375 F 190 C 5 Moderate
400 F 200 C 6 Moderately Hot
425 F 220 C 7 Hot
450 F 230 C 8 Hot
475 F 245 C 9 Hot
500 F 260 C 10 Extremely Hot
550 F 290 C 10 Broiling


You can send in your mails regarding the topics you want me to cover ?
Also if you have any info or queries and want to share it with me..
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  1. wow...very informative..thanks for sharing dear..bookmarked..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. hey varshini, its a nice topic. even I love baking and totally understand the difficulty in finding products in chennai. It is a huge task. Do more posts on this.. good luck :)

  3. this is going to be reallie helpful for me

  4. That's very informative. I often get confused with these temperatures. Your list is very helpful for bloggers like me who are still in a learning stage as far as baking is concerned. The baking ingredients are found so easily in Hong Kong!

  5. Thnx for sharing the info...

  6. Really informative Varshi.. Great job :)


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