Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jovees Kajal Review

Jovees Kajal Review:  Entry # 5 by Megha

What Jovees claims about Jovees Kajal: 

Jovees Kajal helps to keep eyes healthy, facilitates the growth of lashes and shall help to maintain and improve quality of vision. It contains Triphala, Almond oil, natural carbon and other herbal extracts.

Price: Rs.90

My verdict on Jovees Kajal:

My search for a perfect kajal is not yet over. I buy every new kajal with a hope that it does not come down to my under eye skin. I have now lost hope on all the claims that the brand does for their kajal products.
Jovees kajal is no different. Just as usual smudging every where within one hour of application. Jovees kajal comes in a twist up case like that of a lipstick. It has a transparent plastic cap.
The color of this kajal is very black and makes my eyes bright and bold once applied. 2 - 3 swipes is required to bring a deep black color.
Staying power is not very good. It smudges usually. I once applied on my upper lash line, and smudged like anything. I am not happy with this purchase. When I tried to wash with water, it does not go easily. It creates more panda like eyes.

Pros of Jovees Kajal:- Easy handling twist up case.
- Easily available across all stores.
- Very dark black color is obtained.

Cons of Jovees Kajal:- Smudges around the eyes.
- Staying power is very low.
- Cannot be easily washed.

Have a look at the claims about his product. Very funny, he he he. Would you believe that this Kajal helps in growing of lashes and improve vision? I pity such claims. 

Thanks a lot for this lovely post Megha

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  1. I would prefer Lotus kajal if herbal makeup is concerned!


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