Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sprouted green gram salad

Sprouted green gram salad: Entry  # 7 by Chandana

 Salad is the easiest eatery that can be prepared without any fire. A good mouth watery salad increases the appetite. This post details about salad prepared from sprouted whole green gram.
Key Ingredients: Half pomegranate, half cucumber, one medium sized carrot, one cup green gram.
Method of preparation:
Sprouted green gram – Soak the green gram in water early in the morning. Leave it soaked in water for the entire day. By late in the evening you will observe that the green gram has absorbed water and is bloated in size. Drain the water completely and allow the green in a closed container overnight. Next morning you will observe sprouted green gram ready for using in the salad preparation.
Step 1 – Chop cucumber into fine pieces. Grate carrot. Open up the pomegranate seeds.
Step 2 – Add one spoon pepper powder, salt and lemon juice according to your taste.
Step 3 – Now add the sprouted green gram to the whole mixture and mix well.
Step 4 – Also add finely chopped coriander leaves.
The preparation is complete. Happy eating.

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