Saturday, October 6, 2012

Elle 18 Eyeliner in Black Out Review

Elle18 Eyeliner Black Review Entry # 4 by - Megha

 What Elle18 claims about Elle18 Eyeliner Black:
Jet black and water-resistant eyeliner enriched with rose water to keep your eyes cool.

Price: Rs.65

My verdict on Elle18 Eyeliner Black:

Elle18 eyeliner is the cheapest eyeliner I have found so far. This is my first eyeliner when I got attracted towards liquid eyeliner. The cheapest and good in its quality.

The Elle18 Eyeliner comes in a globe like glass bottle with plastic twist cap. The cap has a brush applicator. The brush has very little and fine hair bristles that help in drawing a thin line on the upper lash line.

The eyeliner consistency is not too thick or too thin. It gives a good black colored line.
The staying power of Elle18 Eyeliner is not very good. I apply in the morning everyday and by evening it is not as it was when I applied. It breaks in between. Also it is not water resistant. It gets washed easily.

For a product that is available for just Rs.65, too many things should not be expected.

Pros of Elle18 Eyeliner Black:

- Good packaging bottle.
- Very thin hair bristles in the applicator.
- Very cheap in price.
- Good quality for the price it is available at.

Cons of Elle18 Eyeliner Black:

- Not water resistant eyeliner.
- Does not stay very long.
- The line breaks in between after some time

A good budget product that all girls can give a try.
Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks a lot for this entry Megha :)



  1. Have you tried Lakme Insta liner.. just to know which one is better..

    1. hey aarts... lakme insta liner is the only liner i use...say for about 8 years...

    2. I have used Lakme Insta liner too. Lakme Insta liner is better than Elle 18 according to me.

  2. It seems to give a nice n dark black line.

  3. I have this too. I love this beacuse it can be easily washed without any black traces around my eyes

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