Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nivea Cream Review

Nivea Cream Review - Entry #1 Megha

What product claims?The unmatched moisturiser for every skin type, for children as well as for adults and during all seasons. NIVEA Creme provides the skin with all it needs to stay pure, fresh and smooth. NIVEA Creme contains skin-related Eucerit a unique moisturising ingredient.
• Skin compatibility dermatological approved.

Price and quantity: Rs.39 for 30ml
Shelf life: 30months.

Ingredients: Aqua , Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil) , Cera Microcristallina , Glycerin, Lanolin Alcohol , Paraffin , Panthenol , Decyl Oleate , Octyldodecanol , Aluminum Stearate, Citric Acid , Magnesium Sulfate , Magnesium Stearate , Parfum ,Limonene , Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal , Linalool , Citronellol , Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol

My verdict:Nivea Cream is a good old product that is used as an all purpose cream.
Packed in a bright blue round flat tin, it is available in different size and quantity.
I am showing the least quantity pack here.
The cream is very rich and oily. The consistency is very thick and takes some time to massage and spread on the skin. The moisturizing power is very good and helps the dry skin a lot.
It stays for long making the skin soft. Oily skin people may not like this since it is thick and makes a rich cream. But I love this product and have been using this from ages.
The tin has a pressing lid. This is a little bothersome. If I am in a hurry, when I try opening the lid I always end up poking my fingers in to cream. This makes the product enter my nails which I do not like.
Apart from the packaging style, I cannot think of any drawback of the product.

Pros of Nivea Cream:- Very rich cream.
- Is a very good moisturizer.
- Makes the skin very soft.
- Stays on skin for very long.
- An all purpose cream.
- Very economical in its price.

Cons of Nivea Cream:- Not easy handling Package.
- Not a travel friendly product. The lid of the tin might open up any time.

Rating: 4/5

Thanks for this lovely review Megha :)
Nostalgic !!! when i see this tin...



  1. I think almost all of us would have tried it at least once :)

  2. Nice review.. This is a very good moisturizer

  3. Nice review.. This is a very good moisturizer

  4. ya.this is good for skin, Makes the skin very soft.i use last 4 years


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