Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dal fry with a hint of methi Entry By Chandana

Dal-fry with a hint of methi        Entry # 3 - Chandana
I am always in the hunt of side dishes. Indian foods are incomplete without the side dish. Something like idli and dosa needs chutney/sambar, roti and chapati needs ……..hmm..lots of options. This is never ending. Today’s preparation is Dal fry with Methi leaves taking the importance.
Key Ingredients: boiled toor-dal (one cup), 2 tomatoes (chopped), 1 onion (chopped), 2 fists full of methi leaves, 1 green chilly, 7-8 garlic (chopped or smashed).

I have not added all those usual additional items needed for cooking like ghee, jeera, sesame, salt, garam masala powder and such. You will know as you proceed cooking.
Method of preparation:
Step 1: Boil dal in pressure cooker and keep aside.
Step 2: In a kadai, add 2 spoon ghee/cooking oil. Once the oil is heat, add sesame seeds. After these seeds begin to sprout, add jeera seeds, garlic pieces/paste and green chilly.

Step 3: Once you het the smell of garlic being fried, add all of the chopped onion and let it fry well.
Step 4: Now, add chopped tomatoes, methi leaves. You can also opt to add little finely chopped coriander leaves at this stage.  Leave this cooking untouched for about 10 minutes.

Step 5: Now add all of the boiled dal and stir well. Add half cup water and allow boiling for about 3- 4 minutes.
Step 6: Add one spoon of your favorite garam masala powder. Add salt as per your taste.
Serve with hot bread/hot buns/chapthi/parathas. Hot bread/buns means heating the bread/buns over the tava with little ghee smeared on it.

Done ladies. I hope you will try this soon.

Awesome Chandana...its soooo easy :) yum yum
Will try soon.. Thanks loads for this lovely post.



Thank you so much for your lovely note...