Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I won Sweet and Bitter Giveaway ...A long pending post

Hah finally here comes the day... Yes finally lady luck smiled at me sometime back...

Yes I won Sweet and Bitter Blog Giveway...
I am really sorry Sayani ( Kneels down and asks ) for taking ages to post it here :D

Here is what i won....

And see my heart skipped a beat when i saw MAC packaing (:P)

Ok inside was the Prize... And a lovey lovey note from her....

Its a Brush kit :D

Thanks a lot for the lovely Prize.... Thanks loads :)
Pls host more such giveaways...and do take part in mine tooo:)

Enter My Giveaway Dearies :) Click Here



  1. wooohooo.. i remember u saying about this varsh :) looks awesome.. me drooling :D review it soon varsh :)

  2. Congrats Varshini n do review d set pls.

  3. Your post is great to read. I was wondering if you want a giveaway?

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Thank you so much for your lovely note...