Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lotus WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening Facial Foam Review

Lotus herbals has introduced new a range called "White Glow" and with a new packaging which is good...
This range consists of facial foam, scrub, serum, gel creme,face mask(masque), emulsion
and this time the entire list of ingredients has been given :)

So today i will review about the facial foam which i have been using for more than 3 weeks so here is my verdict ;)

Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 deep cleansing Skin Whitening Facial Foam
Price :Rs 95 for 50 gm

The Claim:

Deep Cleanses
Blocks Melanin Production

What it contains ?

Active Ingredients: Milk Enzymes and Aloe vera gel
For other ingredients please see the image below

My Take:

I have used many of lotus products and am a happy customer when it comes to their tee tree face wash as well as Berry scrub and sun block, this made me try the white glow range..

This facial foam smells good and the consistency is not creamy but little runny white glossy liquid .Just like they have mixed aloe vera gel and milk.
I wont say that this facial foam lathers very well but it does lather good.
Its gives a refreshing, clean and an instant glow to the skin.

What I like ?
It gives instant glow to the skin
Doesn't dry the skin(I have an oily /combination skin)
Skin feels very soft and supple.
didn't cause any break out.

What i dont like ?
The instant glow fades after sometime
It did not remove my entire makeup...kajal was still there and it bured like hell when i tried to wash the kajal...:(
I am not sure about the melanin blocking part
It didn't whiten my face even after using it for 3 weeks
Though the new packaging is great I didn't like the nozzle and screw cap idea for a face wash.
Because of the huge nozzle and runny consistency of the face wash more quantity comes out and its getting wasted.I would have liked flip cap for this.

Can you see how much of face wash is stuck in the screw cap ?

So my overall verdit is this a good product that brightens the skin but sadly doesn't whitens.Not my HG face wash

Hope you liked this review...:)


  1. Nice review dear ...shall keep this in mind :) ...u seems to very busy now a days :)

  2. hi am not busyyy at alll :)


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