Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lavendar - Purple Nail Design

My interest in nail art has increased a lotttt....these days as soon as i come home i am trying new designs...thanks to all the beauty bloggers who actualy showed me how much u can do with your nails and how to protect them ...
Also i am buying everyother color i see ;))....

So coming to the post
Things Used:
lavendar shade from VOV
Lakme True wear nail polish Cremes 242
Oriflame French manicure morning dew
Elle 18 top coat
Small brush

Steps to do :

1 First apply top cot and let it dry
2. Apply Lavendar shade upto 2/3 of the nails and let it dry

3 Now apply the purple shade as shown in the photo and let it dry
4. Now apply morning dew with the brush such that u cover up the meeting point of other two colors..(i know i am bad a explaining things )

5 Let it dry and apply top coat...Final outcome First picy

Ready for flaunting... haiya...
This the final design :) hope you like it


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  2. Looks gud ..I have tried the same design too...glad to knw you have a blog...can keep in touch :)

  3. Thanq Priti for dropping by :) sure lets keep in touch

  4. Sure will try this one :) Also thanks for this break up pics.. It was very helpful :)

  5. Hi varshini, nice nail art. It looks pretty on you... you have got some awesome recipes here. you have a super blog here.. I am really liking it..
    i have started following you :)

  6. indgal .glad u liked my blog thank you so much...u made my day :)
    thanks for following :))


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