Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Road Trip to Tiruchendur - South India Tamilnadu

I feel ancient as Iam writing a post after a long hiatus ❤๐Ÿ’—
Now let me come to the post. 

I have visited Tiruchendur a couple of times when I was a tween maybe that too with my cousin and family during our summer vacation. Those days are still etched to my memory and it brings so much nostalgia.

Its MAY !!! do I need to say more?  :P It was 42C degree
Yes Tamilnadu summers are hot, hotter and hottest and when it comes to Tiruchendur its no different. My recommendation for those who want to visit the Tiruchendur visit either post June-mid  and July onwards would be good time because of better weather and lesser crowd.

Our Journey
We started our family road trip in our car to Tiruchendur on May 26th 2017 at around 6:30 AM and it was a hot sunny day. Tiruchendur is around ~620KM from Chennai and we need to take the following route :

Chennai → Trichy → Madurai → Thoothukudi → Tiruchendur

And it was not just a spiritual trip but just a break from monotony. It took us around 10hours to reach Tiruchendur and we reached around 4:30PM


We stayed in Hotel Chitra Park and I would say its a decent place with Big, Clean rooms.
Its very close to the temple and the restaurants.


So here comes the spiritual part of the trip.
Tiruchendur is one of the six abodes (Arupadaiveedu) of Lord Murgan ( Hindu God) and this is a shore  temple.
Here Lord Murgan is called as Chendur Murgan (Thus the place name) along with Goddess Devayanai and Goddess Valli.
There is a separate sandstone cave called Valli cave which you can visit even today and its intact .
This where Goddess Valli was hidden by Lord Ganesha with the instructions from Lord Murugan.
And Don't forget to visit the beach and Nazhi Kinaru which is the Holy water of the temple


Now comes the very important and vital part of any trip "The Food" :)
While we were travelling from Chennai we had our breakfast at Aaryas veg restaurant in the Tindivanam NH which has sumptuous southindian breakfast items along with its signature chutneys and sambhar
Next comes the Lunch part again we chose to have South indian lunch thali in Temple city restaurant in Madurai NH
And Food in Tiruchendur was done at Hotel Mani Iyer's

I think its best that I share the the pics which do some justice for the food that we enjoyed :)

There are many shops in and around the Temple mostly religious and loads of toy shops
But if you want something as a souvenir  to take back home I would suggest buying conches and shells which is available in plenty in almost all shops.
Also don't forget to buy palm products like palm sugar candies, palm jaggery etc..

You can buy some palm Jaggery and palm sugar here.
This is very good for health and a great alternative for refined sugar

On a final note it was indeed a lovely trip but the weather was a bummer as it was too hot and crowded temple area due to weekend :)

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