Friday, June 23, 2017

Swensens - IceCreams - Sholinganallur

I am not an Ice-Cream person especially "No Chocolate IceCream" for me.
I am sure you would have thought that I am a weirdo for sure but then I don't love chocolates much as well :)

We have visited Swensens in Besant Nagar numerous times and we love it there because of the Location, ambience and yumminess.

While I was passing other day via Sholiganallur spotted Swensens near the Junction and decided to take daughter-dad duo there the next time..

So the next time did happen and hence the post :)

Sholiganallur outlet is quite big and can easily accommodate more people than their Besant Nagar one and with their Trade Mark Swensens Lamps hanging it looked lovely with red interiors.

Coming to the menu its quite vast and choices are great too but I think they can improve on their toppings section.

Coming to what we had on that day Daughter had Chocolate Ice-cream topped with Chocolate sauce and strands

Me and Husband Shared a scoop of Strawberry Swirl and Coffee topped with Cream & Silvered almonds.

We enjoyed our ice-creams and our bill came around Rs.450 odd and they have ranges staring from Rs.79 but please do remember tax will be added hence might slightly shoot up the bill.
Also the service was pretty quick but then we were the only ones sitting in the place :P
Also they have ample space for parking cars.

Do go there and enjoy the yummy icecreams :)

This in not a sponsored post

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