Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lancôme unveils Absolue Precious Essence Sublime Regenerating Oleo-Serum

Synonymous with innovation, Lancôme has introduced a new serum which is designed to

meet the needs of women and fight signs of ageing. The Absolue Precious Essence Sublime
Regenerating Oleo Serum combines the unique properties of Lemon essential oil, Babassu oils
and Camellia along with the regenerating power of Pro-Xylane™ to enhance the beauty of the
skin all day long. With an alliance of Oleo technology and Lancôme’s science of regeneration,
the serum has been designed to help reinforce the substance of the skin.

Rich in essential fatty acids, whose structure is similar to that of the skin’s own lipids, the oils
improve the epidermal lipid structure and thus reinforce the skin’s barrier. It comprises of
a hybrid texture – part oil, part serum, which is revealed in three stages. First, the delicious
sensation of the oils to the touch. Then the finesse of a serum on application and finally a
delicate and nourishing veil that lightly enfolds the skin giving it a visible glow. From the
very first application, the skin appears more toned and radiant displaying the first signs of
regeneration. After continuous usage the skin feels more comfortable, elastic and re-plumbed
defying the effects of ageing and fatigue.

Absolue Precious Essence Sublime Regenerating Oleo-Serum’s invigorating yet soothing
fragrance combines top notes of cardamom, mandarin and bergamot with the iconic Lancôme
Rose Heart. The base notes of cedar, musk and iris round out this elegant composition, which
reflects Lancôme’s rich heritage as a “Perfumer”.

The serum’s regenerating power is presented in a precious jewel-box with a transparent lid set
off with gold and engraved with Lancôme’s iconic Rose: gold and rose, the new striking and
unmistakably feminine aesthetic signature of the Absolue Collection.


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