Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ombre Everything...Whats ombre about it ?

p"A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors
graduating from light to dark. The color effect is woven into the fabric." 

                                                                             - Google

When I was a kid I used to love these blowpens...They are super fun...Just blow as you wish...and you have the control how dak or light you want the color  to be....
I never knew till sometime back this kind od shading from light to dark is called "Ombre"
Indeed a fancy term :)

Also if you have noticed these 90's and 2000 ish Movies or so...the heroines wer these "ombre"  pattern kinda sarees/salwars :)

I was watching a movie tonight and herione wears such kinda sarees throught out a different colors... so I was curious to know what these sarees wear googled...:)

Here are some Ombre Trends :)

                                                    Shilpa Shetty in Ombre Saree

Satya Paul Green Ombre Saree
 Ombre(Gradient) Nails

Ombre  Lips

Ombre Eyes

Drew Barrymore in Ombre Trend Hair

Ombre Shoes/Heels

 So which Ombre you are going to sport ?

I might try the Ombre Eyes, Nails, Shoes, Saree 


Disclaimer: Images Taken through Google Images- I dont own any of these images.


  1. i need those shoes

  2. I definitelywanna try the Ombre lips ;)
    Good post Varshini <3

  3. Nice observation.... yes it is ombre everywhere this time !

    Just stumbled on your blog and loving it... following you now :)

    Much Love
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