Monday, December 24, 2012

My Bangalore Haul, Vichy, Faces, Fabindia, Nail Trend, Passion Indulge etc.. long pending post

I always say to myself(Thats what my husband wants me to do)  before stepping out of the house...That I should not peep inside any Health and Glow Store, Fabindia Or Makeup Brand's Standalone store/counters or any supermarket's Personal care Aisle... because 
I become hysterical, over excited and behave very weird....Until I buy something...

Yes there have been moments where I have been litterally dragged out of these stores/ counters :)

Sometimes I might behave little normal when Iam with friends ..Because I dont want them to runaway from me permanently
:) thinking Iam one Wierdo...

Trust me ..If you ask my Dear Husband he will tell you stories...With which you can Watch Shopaholic series Itself :D

Hahaha...Enough for today...

Lets go directly to the haul...
This was totally one such haul...

Ok Got some Vichy  and Faces Products :)

My HG Hand Cream :)
A travel kit :)
and Some Nail Paints (These are from the Relaince )

Any Guesses on Whats inside these Bags?



  1. nice haul;..pls tel wats ther in the bags

  2. You... didn't show what is in the bag.. Gr...

  3. Great Haul!!I so wanna try these products!!Reviews please:)
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  4. Great haul!!! Difficult to guess wats there in the bags :)

  5. lovely... the pictures make me happy.. ")

  6. faces bag is hinting that there is lots in it....!!!!!1

  7. faces bag us hinting that there is lots in it...

  8. I love hauls :) cant wait to see what was in the vichy bag...hv heard great things about their brand

  9. Love faces products ! I think they are so long-lasting.



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