Friday, March 23, 2012

My 100th Post - Haul My Favourites Bourjois, Kryolan , etc.,

Finally here I hit "THE 100" which I  was supppose to before december 2011 ...okay I guess its never too late :)
Wish me good luck girls :D

Ok here come my haul ... I had my  makeup brushes and Bourjois Lilas Blush in a cover which my maid threw away along  with the garbage ...( I was devastated ...Iam just finding better words) hope you guys understand how exactly I would have felt that too just few days to go for my Baby shower.

I ran( ok thats an exaggeration .. I cannot run with my baby tummy)  to my mom's place ... I tortured my dad to take me to Bourjois counter immediately( As if I were in some kinda labour emergency) ..My dearest daddy took me...

I bought a kryolan eye satin powder which is a duochrome when i went shopping with Aarthi :D

Here I have to mention Bourjois is my Favourite brand...even before i came into blogging...(Bourjois is not paying me /giving me anything to write this ... They don't even know i exist :( ..sighhhhhh )

What I hauled :

Bourjois  Lilas D'or Blush -  Rs 575 
Bourjois Kabuki brush   - Rs. 430
Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Framboise Exquise - Rs 660
Lotus Pure Color Lipstick - Rs 245
Kryolan Eye Satin Powder - Rs 300
Vega Hair Brush - Rs 190

I got a free Bourjois Bag for purchasing above Rs.1500 (Forgot to click) will update soon :D

I tried removing the price sticker which was stuck exactly on top the word Bourjois...So messed up :D

Kryolan Is Awesome... :D
I got this Satin eye powder which is a DUOCHROME :D

Some basic Stuffs :)
Tissues - Rs.12 Each
Charcoal Blackhead removal strips - 6 for rs 330
Regular Blackhead removal strip - Rs.49
Oxy Bleach - dont remember the price 

Which one you want me to review first ?



  1. pls review kryolan satin powder na :) awesome haul!

  2. Lilas D'Or first please...have heard so much about it!!! btw, I had read somewhere that you should not use bleach or hair color products when expecting...not good for the baby because some amount of chemical does happen to get into the bloodstream....don't know how true is that but I just believed it!! (you know how superstitious we become at that time) ...ya, just another tip, no facials lying on your back :)

    1. Aww i love lilas so much thats y got it again :)
      ohh yeahh...but i dont use bleach for my complete face just to lighten the facial hair :D spot bleaching :D

      Thankies for ur timely advice :))

  3. Congrats for your 100th post. Looking forward to more :)

  4. Congrats for achieving the milestone Varshini...Lovely itching to see the Kryolan satin powder

    1. Thanks Parul ...sure Kryolan seems to be topping the charts :)

  5. Congrats on ur 100 th post!! Please review the kryolan eye satin powder...

  6. nice stuff u got! i want to see review of everything here

    1. vanu dearie ur the bestest....sure done :))

  7. yeyyy finally :) varsh pls review kryolan duo chrome :) also lippie swatches :)

  8. and forgot :D woww :) 100th post!! congrats girl.. way to goo :))

    1. Thanks reks...sure will do kryolan the coming week followed by lippies and blush :)

  9. Kryolan........btw which shade did u buy from Lotus?

    1. hehehe aarts... me got Pink Blush from lotus :)
      Its a lovely mauve pink...very for everyday wear :)

  10. Awesome haul seety, swatch the kryolan and tell me how is bourjois brrush


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