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Pregnancy Series - 2 :Style: How to look fabulous when expecting - Guest Post

Guest Post By Nitya - thePurpleSprit

First let me introduce the lovely author of this guest post :)
She is the one fashionable Bloggerita behind thePurpleSpirit...Basically she is an Architect but a hardcore Fashion Addict...She has a lovely taste in the choice of clothes/accesories/bags/shoes(Ok What not ?)... Take a look at her bloggy for fashion updates  also a major online shopper(from my observation)..A new mommy :)

So haven't I asked the best person to talk about style and fashion during pregnancy...

Enjoy reading :)

Pregnancy is a very special time in a girl's life. Her body goes through many changes and she also has to prepare mentally and emotionally for the arrival of the little one. Whoever meets her keeps giving free advice. Phew! It can be quite overwhelming. I myself became a mommy 6 months back when the lil dude arrived. Amidst all this, it's important to keep up your social activities to keep sane. Unless your doc advices you, don't just sit at home n restrict yourself. Go out, watch movies, party with friends, go shopping, get a head massage. Don't let pregnancy slow you down. And do all this while looking fabulous. So how do you dress for your ever changing body? Here's how:

1. Indian wear: Don't wear sarees! You won't get enough fabric to make pleats and it'll look bad. Stick to salwar suits. Looks much cuter. Try anarkali patterns. These are fitted at the bust and flare out below. Pair with tight churidaars. The flared anarkalis will hide your bump and look great and also feel comfy.

2. Leggings are your best friends. Leggings are stretchy with an elastic waistband. Wear longer churidaar type leggings with kurtis or regular full length or 3/4th leggings with longer loose fitted t-shirts. These look chic too. You can buy these in just about any colour.

3. Jeggings are the new jeans. Leave your jeans behind. Pick up these great jeggings from ONLY that look like skinny jeans, but are as comfortable as leggings. Look for a thicker denim fabric so you can pass them off as regular jeans.

4. Empire waist tops are the way to go. Instead of wearing tops that are loose all over and make you look bulkier than you are, pick up these empire waisted tops that are fitted at the bust and flare out below. Flattering.

5. Wrap dresses. Remember the cute pink number that Lara Dutta wore on her baby shower? Copy the look with a cool wrap dress in a jersey stretchy fabric to accommodate your bump. Finish off with strappy flats or ballerinas for an easy chic look.

6. Maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are long, flowy and super comfy and ideal for pregnancy. Choose a style that doesn't have an elasticised waist for maximum comfort. Finish off with beads and sandals to look stylish.

So what's your pregnancy style gonna be like? Go on, flaunt your bump in these flattering styles and you'll look fabulous through your pregnancy. What's more, you can continue to wear these clothes even after your delivery. :)

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  1. Nitya and Varshini I feel empire lines and wrap dresses really look lovely when one is expecting...

    Nice post...

    Dipti C

    1. yeah esp wrap dresses :D thanx loads dipti:)

  2. Thats a wonderful post. Helped me a lot


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