Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pregnancy Series - 1: VLCC Shape Up Momz Pre Natal Stretch Mark Control Light Oil - Review

Hello Gurls... I am very happy to inform you all about the launch of  new series related to pregnancy here in World Of Women Blog..Which will be helpful to all of us at somepoint of our life....I am in my Third trimester of pregnancy, so I thought I could share a few things which I am going that  might be helpful for somebody out there :)

There is a saying " Nothing is greater than Motherhood"

"Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain -- your life will never be the same "

Aren't these quotes true ?

To make thing easy also I want this series to be a ready reckoner that provides various things which are quite it the food,exercise,makeup,skincare,how to dressup during pregnancy and different products will be discussed here by me and other lovely bloggers who will be doing the guest posts shortly ...

Also I will try to link some of the relevant products reviewed by other bloggers for your convenience :)

Please help me with your suggestions, opinions and queries regarding this series :)

So look out for more in this space...

To begin with I will review something that's quite useful :)

Here it goes :

We all know Stretchmarks are synonymous with pregnancy....with growing baby in the tummy..stretchmarks do stretch from north to south and east to west giving us permanent stripes and checks ....

I am no exception...already a well fed child so had slight stretch marks in my hands even before my pregnancy.....

I was looking out for a product when I was in 4th to 5th month  ...

Actually my dear hubby saw this during one of our groceries shopping and immediately got me :)

Ok it comes in an attractive outer pink box(which i threw away) ..which says like start using it from your fifth month onwards...

Price :  Rs.395 for 100ml

Product Claim, Directions and Ingredients

Comes with the Flip cap

Oil Swatch
 See how light is the oil


I apply this oil every night and seriously this oil is super light

Not at all greasy and absorbs into the skin within minutes

Smells really good

It does lighten stretch marks and has prevented the future ones to some extent

Skin feels soft and supple

Travel friendly packaging

Moisturises the skin really well

one bottle lasts for about 2 months but depends person to person

contains all lovely oils :)

Cons :

price is little steep for 100ml

Doesn't lighten very old stretch marks...anyways it dint claim that it says prevents

Overall i can say I am very happy with this product

All give this a try :)



  1. Good review, I have stretch marks, will try this, lets see if it works 4 me

    1. Thanx taps :)
      Its pre natal will work for you too :)

  2. Hmm, me never bothered about getting products for strech marks. Dont know why, must be my hormones. Dint care about my look or anything while I was pregnant. But luckily, I have very few marks others have started to fade away :)

    Good review. Will help others :)

    1. Thanku indu :)
      Oh so lucky you are indu....
      Me have light marks only but prevention is better na :)

  3. I am using this Oriflame perfect body cream.. it worked well for me :) nice review Varshini :)

    1. Wow rekha..can you review it :) me buying soon ..thanks :)

  4. You know I applied body shop cocoa butter cream daily during my pregnancy and till my last month I didn't get any stretch marks.. I was soo happy.. But suddenly in the last 2 weeks sooo many stretch marks appeared when the baby moved down.. Sigh.. Sometimes we can't prevent it at all.. But now it's been 6 months and i can say the best thing that works to remove the pigmentation and stretch marks is gingerly oil. Seriously. Massage with warm gingerly oil all over your stomach before bath and watch them disappear.

    1. nitya i just got 1 palmer's cocoa butter ..yet to use it...
      seriously the gingelly oil trick am gonna start :)
      thanx a lot :)

  5. Nice review Varshini. I have a new bottle of Bio Oil and Bio Oil is the best for Stretch Marks acc to me. Wanted to give it to you.. hope it is not too late :P

    1. yeah aarts i have read rave reviews about bio-oil ...sure ;) never too late :D

  6. wow this is so helpful for mommies-to-be...though i am not expecting (far from it am not even married)but the post and the comments will be so useful to someone in the family who is expecting and shit-scared of stretchmarks...will make sure i pass on this valuable piece of advice!!!

  7. Hi Varshini,

    Stumbled upon this blog today.This article is pretty useful.Im planning to ttc soon, will definitely watch ur blog closely.Please share more experiences related to first time pregnancy, childbirth etc with us.

    I already have stretch marks from puberty , so im soo worried about getting more during pregnancy.

    1. Hi Supriya..thanx a lot... i will be posting articles in this series everyweek...sure will be covering all those topics :)

      Hang around


Thank you so much for your lovely note...