Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kryolan eyeliner Swatches, Kryolan Store in chennai and Some Coffee :) OMG Earthquake in chennai

I Swatched couple of eyeliners in Kryolan store here in chennai when I went shopping with aarthi...
I guess they had 6 colors and and all are nicely pigmented

Regular Black , Grey , Blue , Green, Brown and dont remember one more color

I liked the green and brown ones a lot and swatched they are matt finish ones..

Priced very reasonably at Rs.250
Kryolan people dint allow to take pictures inside the Store... So this is the sneak peek photo i took
                                                            Kryolan Store in Chennai - Ramee Mall


Our Cuppo Coffee :D


Just published this post ...felt tremors few minutes back.......OMG


  1. Swatches are lovely, The cofee looks awesome! Me too heard about the earthquake, take care!

  2. i wnt coffee. its lukin awesome... dont ask abt earthquake, i was on 10th floor wen it came.. jst imagine...
    i just wish Kryolan showroom was in Delhi too :(

  3. Colors look pigmented enough..would love to try Kryolan..and ya take care..

  4. You felt it too.. This is the 2nd time that I felt the tremors and I was telling my cousin but she didn't believe.. then rushed to c the news and they confirmed it !!!

  5. The colors luk fab Varshini..Wish we had a store in Pune as well..The coffee luks gud as well..

  6. Nice colors. And am yet to visit Ramee mall!!!
    And yeah, its the 2nd time tremors happening in Chennai! Boohoo!!! :(
    Btw, do drop by my blog when you find time... :)
    And follow if you like! :)
    Fashion Panache

  7. Dear All,
    I was just looking around in the Internet for any news about the KRYOLAN-Shop in Chennai and foound this entry. Even the Thread is an older one, I would like to answer it...

    Since 2005 KRYOLAN has a subsidary in India and a Network of distribution partner. In March 2003 the 3 KRYOLAN-City-Shops were openend in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Any questions - get in touch with us!


Thank you so much for your lovely note...