Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gifts from Sweden :) An Haul

Nothing better than a Haul Post for a comeback :)

Few months back my hubby went to Sweden (Official Trip) ..

I asked him to get me some makeup of his choice... I  just suggested him some brands available....

Also a sweet surprise gift for my Birthday :) Scroll To the end :)

So here is what he got me....



I was shocked ( Happy Dance) to see such pretty things...Perfect Choice :)

But the price  ..Might get Heart attck.. For Drug store brands


A lovely Travel Pouch with travel size bottles...Puuurrrfeeeccctttt:) For  CTM


Here is the Birthday Gift

Bagsac Bag.... Its from the Spring 2012 Collection :)


 Which one do you want me to review first ?

 Hope you enjoyed the post :)




  1. Oooooh I have heard the Isadora eyeshadow palettes are good...the bag looks really nice

  2. Am absolutely in love with the eye-shadow palatte <3 and that travel kit is soooo cute :)

  3. Lovely gifts.. and where is mine? ;)

  4. OMG..super amazing gifts..loved it..infact i am drooling over it


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