Saturday, January 28, 2012

Biotique Bio Aloe Vera Lipbalm

I got this Biotique Aloevera Lipbalm during one of my grocery shopping...I guess i got this last year and started using recently...The main thing that attracted me was SPF 30....I was like wow...not even my moisturiser has SPF30.. grabbed it immediately.this comes in the regular green tub packaging which most of us find unattractive...

Price : Rs.99 for 16g

How to use and product claims

Contains :(sry for the pathetic image..effects of using phone camera)


Nothing Absolutely...Please dont ever buy this...did just nothing expect making my lips crack
Great for using for dry knuckles 

Can you see the white cast in the not so clear swatch image below ?

Pathetic plastic smell
leaves a white cast after application
SPF 30 .. i dont believe this ...
unhygienic tub packing...
Wasted Rs.100 ...could have earned my Bournville

Please suggest me a good lip balm for my chapped lips :(



  1. I hat biotique products, try himalaya lip butter. its awesome for chapped lips. priced at rs 150 :)

  2. @aarts: i have nivea lip balm i strawberry too but that even did nothing for my chapped lips :(
    but lovely tint

  3. You should try Himalaya lip butter or nature's Co lip balms. I'm sure you'll like them!

  4. lol@ earn my bourville comment!
    I have this too & I agree that it's nothing special. Waste of 100 bucks. I suggest Nivea essential - the blue one. It saved my lips in the winter.

  5. Thanks so much for this info. Will never head that way

  6. I tried the tester of this one in one of Biotique stand alone store, Oh my I ran out of the store, what's with the weird smell? Try Body shop born lippy in strawberry or Nivea Essential those ones are good

  7. @rakshanda..thx :) sure would love to try him lip butter..

  8. @poohkie : hehehe...seriously shd give nivea essentials a try

    @IBC Pooja :Yuck it is... Thanx sure will give it a try

    @Vimi : thanx :)

  9. didnt know even biotique has lipbalms..nice review girl :)


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